It is difficult to grasp how small the town of Sandpoint actually is when comparing to Bonner County, much less the state of Idaho.  Hopefully these maps and basic figures will help put in perspective Sandpoint City and 83864 Zip Code Square Miles compared to the surrounding area of Bonner County, of which Sandpoint is the largest city.

Sandpoint City Boundaries

The zip code for Sandpoint City is 83864.  That tends to be very misleading to many people who do not realize the expanse of zip code 83864.  83864 zip code is stated as 500.1 miles, far greater than the ‘in town’ city limits of Sandpoint.  The variety of land found within this zip code is impressive to say the least.  Lakes, Rivers, a Nationally noted Ski Resort, farm land and ranch land.

Zip Code 83864 Map

Both Sandpoint and 83864 sit within the boundaries of Bonner County, which is stated to have 1,919 square miles.  Another impressive side note to the obvious variety of land is the amount of water included in the county.  185 square miles or just shy of 10%.

Bonner County Map

Nestled between the Schweitzer Ski Resort and the Northern waters of Lake Pend Oreille, is Sandpoint City.  Cited as 4.79 square miles and .81 of that being water.  Again the % of water being very impressive and one of the main reasons people find Sandpoint, Bonner County, and North Idaho in general, so popular.

So Sandpoint City itself is under 1% of the total Square Miles of the 83864 zip code of which it is part of.  In comparison to Bonner County, which it is the largest city of, it’s square miles are but .25% of the total county’s of 1,919.

It is not difficult to understand how easily it is to misjudge Sandpoint City itself from the huge amount of land that directly surrounds it.

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