A Christmas tradition over the past decade I always enjoy a nice dinner and movie in Coeur D’Alene.  With us already middle of January 2018 I wanted to bring up a couple things.  Riverstone Plaza is just down the street from the Coeur D’Alene Resort yet many people miss the wonderful Christmas lights displayed there.  Whether having seen before or not make it a point to enjoy the Coeur D’ Alene Christmas Lights Decorations this December 2018.

Christmas Lights Decorations

Coldwell Banker at Riverstone has a beautiful display.  With the blue lights showing off fresh fallen snow always very impressive.  This post being mainly written to bring that to peoples attention who have not been to Riverstone Plaza to enjoy the Christmas Lights Decorations

I also want to mention my feelings on Christmas Lights Decorations 2017.  It seemed an odd year to me.  Many rushing, trying to bring in the season even before Halloween had passed.  Yet as the season arrived it seemed far fewer had decorated than usual.

And now as we move to the 3rd week of January it seems of those many  having decorated, businesses and personal alike, have left the decorations up as well as leaving Christmas lights on.  While the spirit was wished for, it just did not seem to materialize as it normally does.  It will be interesting to me what spirit will show itself with Christmas Lights Decorations 2018.