I want to pass along a thank you to the NFL players who chose to kneel this year during the National Anthem.  Even knowing my Patriot’s ‘ice man’ and Coach Belichick’s careers were at the closing years, I boycotted all football games.  Freedom of Speech right?  That included watching even games at home, enjoying a draft and a ball game, or eating at a restaurant to watch a game.

Two very interesting realizations after having done so.  One is that football scores, stats, Superbowl participants, and anything else to do with football did not change.  Collectively with others that choose the same course, as myself, maybe some revenue was lost but nothing that will change the future of the game or how the players are treated by owners and coaches, or the media for that fact.  I feel good with my choice.

Two, and most importantly to me, is how much time I saved over this past football season.  How much I was able to get accomplished while in the past I would have easily spent 1 maybe 2 games a week in front of a screen watching.  That amounts to a lot of hours and possible dollars saved while watching something that I had absolutely no control over the end outcome.

Do know I am a big proponent of Freedom of Speech.  I do however very much question the intelligence of disrespecting the very icons at the core of what represents this country’s Freedom of Speech.   What brave women, men and families have sacrificed, in the past and present, to insure our rights as Americans to that privilege.  I do not argue our country to be perfect, as is not any other country, or individual for that matter.  I believe it is one helluva country to live in though.

You might enjoy this short You-Tube video to gain a better insight as to just what our Anthem and Flag represent.  “Freedom of Speech” along with all our other Freedom’s through out history have come at no small cost.