North Idaho Real Estate Winter Sales

North Idaho Real Estate Winter Sales

As December nears, I am hearing more and more rumblings about winter not being a good time for buying, or selling, homes in North Idaho.  I have argued against that statement for many years.  I believe just the opposite.  North Idaho Real Estate Winter Sales can be a fantastic opportunity for sellers and buyers alike.

One of the main comments made is "I don't want to move in the snow".  End of November and to date only had a couple of dusting's of snow.  And those did not hold, but for maybe a day on the valley floors.

We are seeing more and more articles professing the advantages of buying or selling homes in the winter.  One such article just published from Shawn Van Gordon of AB mortgage.  A trusted lending partner to my Real Estate Team.  Click here to read article.

While every scenario is a bit different I believe the benefits of listing or buying during the winter far out weigh the negatives.  For additional information or specifics to certain areas please do contact me.  And do remember North Idaho Real Estate Winter Sales may be just right for your plans.

Experience the Difference Living In North Idaho will make.  Contact me, at Keller Williams Sandpoint, as your local North Idaho Real Estate Resource.