Sandpoint ‘Ice dams’ are not specific to Sandpoint Idaho and surrounding North Idaho areas. Any cold weather states susceptible. The weather this season thus far has proven to be excellent for the forming of ‘ice damns’. While the name may sound cool, the damage that can be done to a home is not.

Ice Dams are those formations of ice at the edge of roofs.  Yes those wonderful ice cycles we all enjoy looking at are tell tale signs of ice dams and possible damage, many times serious, secretly happening without our knowledge until too late.

For excellent information on ice damns and possible damage and tips for removal I suggest going to based out of Minnesota.  The diagram below, from the Ice Damn Company is excellent in showing exactly what is happening behind the ice we see.

Sandpoint 'Ice Dams' no different

illustration Courtesy Ice Damn Company – MN.

So next time you are enjoying one of those Sandpoint ‘Ice Dams’,  realize the damage that may be lurking behind the beauty of a simple ice cycle !