Sandpoint City sits within the zip code of 83864.  A very large area, with so much diversification it is very difficult to give any one single report that is accurate to all that is available in the 83864 area code.  Currently there are 32 Sandpoint City Homes for Sale.  Basic criteria for search results below.

Criteria, for Selkirk Multiple Listing Search, MLS, is basic.  $750,000 maximum list price.  1 bedroom 1 bath minimum.  Searched as ‘in Sandpoint City’.  Single Family, Condos, Townhouses all included.  The search results do not include ‘For Sale by Owner’ or Coeur D’ Alene MLS results.  The results do show the trend though, that will be consistent without those results added in.

Sandpoint City Homes for Sale

January 2016 showed 4 homes sold.  Median Price of $153,000.  120 days on market.  January 2017 showed 2 homes sold with a Median Price of $174,500 and 66 days on Market.  An impressive 14Sandpoint City Homes for Sale% increase in ‘Sold’ price for the one year.

1st quarter 2016 has 20 homes being sold with a median sold price of $209,000.  And 125 days on market.  1st quarter 2017 shows 18 homes sold with modest increase for median sold price of $218,000.  98 days on market.

January 2018 has me shaking my head.  I went back twice to double check the results, along with active presently available.  8 homes sold.  Double that of 2016 and 4 times as many 2017.  Median sold price of $230,000 with days on market at 122.  An impressive 24% increase in median sold price.  With the 8 homes sold this January, Sandpoint City is easily on track to surpass sales for 1st quarter of both 2016 and 2017.

Current inventory of 32 with January Sold’s at 8, along with the 122 days on market shows a 4 month inventory.  What is phenomenal is the median listing price at the current time.  $314,450.00.  While not the sold price, it is 44% above the median sold price of 2017’s $218,000.00.  Incredible.

I do not for see Sandpoint City Home Sales slowing.  I question whether they can sustain, or realize, the jump in market price that is showing between current listing price and even sold’s of just one month ago.  While great for sellers it is putting a strain on buyers and the market in general.