Vicious storm cells passed up the North Idaho Panhandle last night.  Hot temperatures and the cooler rain clouds made for perfect storm conditions. Just south of Bonners Ferry Idaho I passed thru a hard rain storm cell with sun breaking through and past the Selkirk Mountain Ridges.  I headed to higher ground, and clear views from Highway 95.  Another Sandpoint Lightning Storm was moving north towards Bonners Ferry Idaho.

With less than 2 minutes being traveled the colors were already past their most striking and vibrant colors.  With the breath taking views and artist’s canvas shown in this You Tube video imagine but only a moment before.

The sky was lit in every direction as if a fire burning all of North Idaho. Looking south showed another Sandpoint Lightning storm moving north towards Bonners Ferry Idaho.

This was a breath taking few minutes with me having been in the right place at the right time.  Traveling in North Idaho, at any time, without a camera can be a huge disappointment.