North Idaho Real Estate Market Report - 'Active'

1st quarter 2019

I have communicated before the diversity to be found both in housing and land characteristics, in North Idaho.  To give a standard baseline, to review with consistency, I put some basic parameters in with which all searches are based on:  $0 to $750,000.00, minimum 1 bedroom 1 bath, single family home.  Figures are always Median to a search, and not the average.  This particular North Idaho Market Report is comparing 'Active' listings over the course of the 1st quarter 2019.

North Idaho Market Report

The first items that jump off the page are two drastic jumps in opposite directions.  Sandpoint's listing price jumped approximately an incredible 33% to $486,250 from February and Priest River's listed price dropped a little less than 20% from February listed price.  Both are huge jumps.

Overall the market shows itself as holding within roughly 10% of January pricing, either to the upside or downside.  Sandpoint out of town and Priest River being the exceptions by a large #.  As we head into spring we will see better if the harsh February weather contributed a little or a lot to these figures.

North Idaho Market Report

In town pricing for both Bonners Ferry and Sandpoint maintained a steady plateau.  The obvious being the drastic difference in pricing between Bonners Ferry in town, and Sandpoint City.

I believe Naples is not an accurate representation simply because of lack of sales.  2 in March.  Median or Average could be thrown off with only one listing being askew.  See Post "North Idaho Market Report - Number of Listing and Days on Market" for a more complete overall look on number of listings and Days on Market.

While these reports can give an overall trend there are niches specific and to themselves.  If you are interested in selling or buying you best serve yourself by asking for information more specific in nature.  these figures are based on Selkirk MLS search results.  While deemed reliable they are not guaranteed.

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